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Protecting Your Retirement Nest EggIn this post, I’d like to discuss something a lot of you probably worry about on a regular basis: outliving your retirement fund. Rather, worrying that your retirement fund won’t last through your entire retirement. This is especially a problem if you are counting on a pension to carry you through. As the social security administration threatens an impending collapse of retirement and disability benefits, some economists have pointed out that many institutions are obligated to pay out pension and retirement funds that simply don’t exist. For whatever reason, these financial institutions overextended themselves.

The blame for social security woes could be put on any number of shoulders, from past presidents to congress members to the secretary of finance. Looking into the matter, you’ll probably discover that social security actually maintained an excess of funds throughout much of its life. Unfortunately, those funds were turned into government bonds early on and, with the greatest national deficit in the history of the United States, the money exists only as numbers on a ledger. The money was spent years ago! Now, when the government has to pay back the funds they borrowed from the social security fund, they complain that it’s putting a great strain on the nation’s finances.

I may be a little disillusioned by all of this but one thing is made clear in light of these facts: if you want a comfortable retirement, you shouldn’t depend on social security or a pension. If you’re a baby boomer, a financial planner can probably turn your nest egg into a sizable retirement fund. If you’re on the younger end of the boomer spectrum, it’s never too late to start saving. If you have a decade or two before retirement, CDs are a great way to earn moderate interest without risking your nest egg. Also, well-chosen stocks can dramatically increase the size and purchasing power of your nest egg.

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