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There’s a perfect storm heading our way in index annuities that can have a significant impact on anyone trying to coordinate their resources with social security benefits. And, that storm has a focus. Back in the financial boom of the early 2000s, savvy consumers were all about getting a maximum return to build up bigger and bigger nest eggs. Then the recession hit and depleted the value of many American’s nest eggs. Nowadays, putting your money on the line to get a maximum return can mean losing everything you’ve worked so hard to save.

You may get tired of hearing it but there is nothing more important in today’s economy than keeping your money safe. With all the market volatility in today’s global marketplace, there’s a scarcity of safe places to keep your money. There just aren’t many options for someone today looking for a place to put cash and get a decent return. There’s a perfect market for index annuities.

Fixed index annuities are the right fit for many of our customers because of the downside protection they offer along with the opportunity to participate in some index returns. So, if the financial market goes awry, you’ll at least get your money back at the end of the surrender charge period. When you use index annuities, you’ll get nothing less than a zero percent return. There’s no risk involved. The great thing about fixed index annuities is that if there is a gain in the major index, you’ll share in some of the gain without having to share in any of the losses.

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