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Many workers are adjusting some of their expectations about retirement, perhaps in response to their reduced level of confidence about their retirement finances.

Twenty-five percent of workers surveyed in the 2012 Retirement Confidence Survey say the age at which they expect to retire has changed in the past year. Of those, the vast majority (88%) report that their expected retirement age has increased. This means that in 2012, 22% of all workers planned to postpone their retirement.1

Many workers who are planning for retirement are feeling the effects of the poor economy. As the economy struggles to gain positive momentum, many people who planned to retire earlier are rethinking their retirement strategy and staying in the work force for some years longer. Some are no longer confident in social security or the government, some are concerned with the increase in cost of living during their retirement years and many are afraid to retire because they won’t have enough finances to retire comfortably.2

Regardless of what is weighing on your mind for your retirement years, the only way to create a positive solution is to plan early. For many people who do not know where to turn to get started, your best option is to find someone who specializes in helping people with their retirement planning. When looking at your financial position, retirement planners can determine how to enlarge your nest egg with your current resources and make actionable steps to keep adding to your nest egg.  Once the plan is prepared, take action and keep your retirement planning a priority in your financial house.

1+2) Employee Benefit Research Institute 2012- March 2012

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