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Trillions of dollars are expected to pass to heirs in the coming years.

Here are some tips you may want to consider if you happen to benefit from an inheritance:

  • Wait to act. You might regret quitting your job, buying a sports car, or making other snap decisions before you have really thought them through. It’s important to consider carefully how the money could be used to strengthen your financial position over the long run.
  • Pad your emergency dollars first. Add to your nest egg if you don’t already have enough to cover at least six months to a year’s worth of everyday living expenses.
  • Boost (don’t blow up) your lifestyle. Put the money into a safe place and consider allowing a financial vehicle to supplement your employment earnings. This will allow you to live better now while still preserving the bulk of the money for future needs such as a child’s college education or your retirement.
  • Practice discretion. Telling others that you have inherited a substantial amount of money may lead to unwanted advice, business or opportunity solicitations, and outright requests for financial support from friends and relatives.
  • Consider meeting with an expert in retirement strategies. Discussing your situation with someone outside of your family may help you gain perspective, clarify your goals, and make sound decisions. To keep your money safe, consider meeting with an expert who can help plan your future goals in retirement.

life_guide_inheritanceI have a free resource to help you if you have inherited a sum of money. Keeping your inherited money safe over a long period is essential to being able to enjoy it as well as pass it onto your future heirs.

Keep Your Money Safe

My motto remains the same for an inheritance and retirement planning: Keep Your Money Safe. My consultation is always free. Call 1-866-471-7233

Source:, February 15, 2011