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Welcome to “Skills To Pay The Bills” and segment. Please welcome our co-host, Mr Freeman Owen, Jr, President and CEO of Financial Sources, Inc.

Tia: We do know that there is an income disparity between men and women, with women being on the lower end. So, if they aren’t making as much women on the job, and a lot of times, you’ve got single women or divorced women who have the kids who sometimes gets the child support check and sometimes they don’t. So, how do you determine that women are able to save more when they are making so much less?

Freeman: Well, it boils down to priorities. We know women, based on statistics, based on race and where they live, make $0.57 -$0.77 to every dollar that a male makes. And yes, it is true, you do have a lot of single moms, divorcees, single women and widows. However, it’s amazing how they are able to save a certain amount of money, and do it consistently. And something else too. When it comes to their saving habits with employer sponsored retirement account, they may not fully fund that employer sponsored retirement account, but they are aware that their contribution to their accounts provides a salary reduction. It’s a savings. Again, I say, that ladies save a substantial amount of money somewhere or another, and they do it more consistently in their lives than men do.

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