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Questions and Answers for Retirement PlanningSome companies give incentives to their employees to stash away money for retirement by offering to “match” the contributions you make to your 401(k)—which means an added boost to the amount you put away each year. For instance, a company might offer a 3% match, where it matches 50% of the first 6% that you put away for retirement in that year. Another company might also offer a 3% match, but match the first 3% of your contributions dollar-for-dollar, so it’s important to know how your company calculates its match.

People who have employers that offer to match and who still don’t contribute to their 401(k)s are giving up free money. Look at it this way: Would you turn down a raise? No? Then don’t turn down the match. Even if your company only matches a small percentage, you’re doubling any retirement contributions you make up to that point. That’s smart planning for your nest egg!

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