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Blacksmith, cobbler and travel agent: What do these jobs have in common?

On the one hand, all three jobs appear to be obsolete. But horses and people still need shoes repaired, and people still need help making travel plans. These jobs have not disappeared, then, but they have changed radically over time. The mistake some individuals make in starting a second career is that the “new” career is not much different from the “old” career. This would be like the travel agent thinking he or she can reinvent him- or herself using the same old computer program to book flights.

A second career has to be different

A second career, then, has to be different from the original career by taking into consideration all of the social and technological changes that have reshaped what it looks like. While it is true that younger individuals who grew up with a rattle in one hand and an iPad in the other have a distinct advantage in terms of computer technology, there is no reason why older individuals can’t acquire this. Even when a completely different type of career is sought, an individual must be attuned to new trends and open to being retrained.


Preparing For Retirement: Just Ask Freeman

Retirement doesn’t have to be a difficult or scary step in your life. In fact, with early planning, you will begin to look forward to the days of starting a new career or being able to take as many vacation days as you desire. But, in order to be ready for retirement, you need a retirement strategy and comprehensive plan to never out live your resources. Let me help you get there!

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