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Most likely, retired partners and spouses who have been together for a while will end up arguing about the things they always argue about. Being retired just means that you’ll be able to argue during working hours.

Never argue about how you want to exit this life

There is one late life event, however, where you want communication as frictionless as possible and that’s in planning your exit from life. How we want to die and our preferences for care at end of life are discussions that deserve careful, and kind, consideration. Too many of us avoid having necessary conversations about end-of-life care until it’s too late and a crisis has occurred. Does your loved one know your preferences and values for how you want to die? Do you know his/hers? Let’s not let saying goodbye be a time of contention and confusion.


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There’s never a perfect time to talk about passing away. But, it’s a vital part of retirement planning. Let me be your guide for this process of your retirement strategy. Call me for a free consultation 866.471.7233.