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cost of kids these days 2013

Kids Cost More These Days

According to USDA’s Cost of Raising a Child report in 2013, the answer for a child born in 2012 is $241,080 for food, shelter and other necessities over the next 17 years. The costs vary according to where the family lives, because housing costs and education are big portions of that yearly expenditure.

But this next generation faces a unique challenge that threatens their future health and well being: a growing health crisis, in the form of diet and obesity-related diseases. And despite encouraging recent reports on declining rates of early childhood obesity, nearly a third of our nation’s young people are at risk for preventable diseases like type-2 diabetes and heart disease. Preventable diseases have serious consequences, which is why health experts tell us that our current generation of children may well have a shorter lifespan than their parents.

Preparing for Better Spending

Yes, adding to your family is going to cost more money. But, smart planning and budgeting can keep your costs in check and still allow you to put away retirement dollars. Let me help you better prepare for your retirement days by getting a head start on saving for retirement. Early planners get the most from their retirement dollars!

Source: US Dept of Agriculture 2013  

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