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Getting More From This Summer

Americans are seen across the world as work-a-holics! And, that’s probably because our jobs are part of our identity. There’s something about work and its daily set of tasks that keep us feeling important and productive. In fact, staying at work until 7pm is seen as a badge of honor and we wear it with pride! But, that ego boost from the demands in an office comes at an expensive cost. We forget to enjoy living and cannot wait to reach retirement.

3 Tips to Work Less and Enjoy Life More

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable rut this Summer, consider these 3 tips to getting more from your work’s daily grind:

1. Question Your Schedule
In life and at work, success is often dependent upon good timing. Are you making smart decisions about when to do things at work? Do you set yourself up for failure by trying to focus on important tasks during your post-lunch slump? If you feel like something is taking you too long, or is simply frustrating you, ask, “If I timed this task differently, would I be more efficient? Recognize when you’re most productive during the day and tackle the most difficult project then.

2. Put It On The Calendar
Most people check off items on their calendar. If it’s on the list, it will most likely get done during the day. So, plan ahead. Actively block out time for email reply, phone calls and meetings as well as time to get your work done.

3. Become Efficient With Time
Try to set up meetings back-to-back so you can keep larger chunks of time free. And make sure to use those chunks of time to actually work. Your lunch hour can become a run to the grocery store or post office so you don’t have to do it when you get home. Avoid traveling to work during rush hours (if it can be arranged) and ban yourself from unnecessary Facebook browsing.

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Retirement Is About Planning

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