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Tony Robbins: Money Master the Game Book“People make several mistakes when saving and planning for retirement and one of the biggest ones is not getting started because they think they need a large sum of money to begin”, says Tony Robbins, 54, an inspirational speaker and best-selling author. His new book, Money: Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, shares his interviews with more than 50 top financial experts including Charles Schwab, Carl Icahn, Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes, hedge fund manager Ray Dalio and Vanguard founder John Bogle.

People make mistakes when saving & planning for retirement

From those interviews, Tony has come up with 7 steps to financial freedom that everyone should be using:

1. Make the decision to not become a consumer. You have to commit a certain percentage of your income to savings for your financial freedom. Whatever that number is — 10%, 15% — stick to it in good times and bad. Have it taken automatically from your paycheck and put directly into a retirement or savings account.
2. Become an insider on financial instruments. Know the rules of the game. Understand financial instruments and how they work. Look into the fees you are paying & how that affects your financial future.
3. Make the game winnable. Figure out how much money you need for financial security and financial independence. Calculate this and come up with a plan. Look for places you can save more.
4. Evaluate your allocations. “You have to learn where to put your money to keep it safe and where to put your money to grow it with some risk,” he says. Put your money in different types of financial vehicles. Diversify your allocations.
5. Create a lifetime income plan. Make sure you won’t run out of income for as long as you live. Income is really what matters.
6. Act like the .001%. “That means learn from the very best on earth (Schwab, Icahn, Bogle, Dalio, Forbes and others he interviewed for the book), and what you learn from them apply and you’ll achieve financial security faster than you will any other way.”
7. Just do it, enjoy it and share it. Make a commitment to be wealthy now, not in the future. “Start where you are, and you’ll begin to find out that there’s more than enough.”

Robbins is donating all of the profits of this book in addition to a personal donation to feed 50 million meals to people in need this year through Feeding America, a hunger-relief charity.

Sources: USA Today – December 10, 2014

Learning as much as you can about how to become financially free will give you the knowledge and tools to stick with a plan. I want to help you become financially free and outline a plan for an income you cannot outlive in your retirement years. Let’s get started today! Contact my office at 1-866-471-7233 | MD, VA & DC. Freeman Owen, Jr - Host of SAFE MONEY TALK on CBS The Big Talker 1580AM