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In 2015, prices for food eaten at home rose just 1.2%, less than half the 20-year average of 2.5%. Even so, an average family of four now spends as much as $1,300 a month on nutritious meals and snacks prepared at home.

Outsmart the supermarket

Fortunately, some extra effort and planning could help lower your family’s grocery costs.

  1. Stock up on nonperishable food such as rice and pasta, canned goods, and frozen fruits and vegetables when they are on sale.
  2. Grocery stores often rotate advertised specials for beef, chicken, and pork, so you may want to buy extra meat when prices are lower than normal and freeze most of it, and/or plan meals around sale-priced cuts.
  3. Select fresh produce in season and forego more expensive pre-cut and pre-washed options.
  4. Keep in mind that store brands may offer similar quality at a significant discount from national brands.
  5. You may need to join a store’s loyalty program to benefit from some weekly promotions and personalized deals. In some cases, a membership card may be linked to a smartphone app that tracks your shopping history and adds electronic coupons to your account.

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2016

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