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Welcome To Just Ask Freeman!

Hello, my name is Freeman Owen, Jr., CEO and President of Financial Sources Inc. Since 1979, I have been helping those individuals preparing for retirement who are concerned about outliving their resources. And, my approach is simple. I explain, through analogies related to your situation, the financial information that can set you on the path to income-for-life.

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“Your Money is Safe”

If you watch my client testimonial videos, you will hear this phrase more than once. That’s because my entire approach to protecting your retirement is to safeguard your money in order to create a lifetime income. Are you afraid of outliving your resources? Or, are you unsure how to create a lasting, more stable incoming during your retirement years? If so, I can show you ways to reach your financial goals.

Some Common Questions

How can I generate a lifetime income?
I need income now. Can you help me?

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