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My name is Freeman Owen, Jr. I’m the president and CEO of Financial Sources Incorporated. Been in business since 1979 and let me tell you what our firm does. What we do is safeguard your hard-earned money so that you may never outlive your resources. That is the main focus and main concern of many of our retirees and those who are preparing for retirement.

Who are our clients?

I’ve been helping those individuals and those people who are preparing for retirement and who are already retired and are concerned about outliving their resources.

  • “He’s just so lovable and the information that he gives you is just so awesome. He’s so knowledgeable because he goes through everything to try to find out what he can give his clients.”

What makes us different?

Now one of the things that separate us from other advisors is we do not charge fees like other brokers. They may charge you fees on your money AND while they’re managing your money as long as they have it.

I’m the type of adviser that explains financial information to you in simple English that is, I can take analogies that are very concise and apply them to your situation so that you understand what you have and what I’ve done for you when it comes to income for life planning. Now, I want to tell you I’ve studied for 30 years of intensive studying and continuing education. That is very, very important. And most importantly, I have the ability to apply the types of programs where you have income for life, you have more spendable income and control over your finances. THAT, I appreciate. So, what I’d like for you to do is I want you to pick up the phone.


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