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The health insurance landscape is changing, and larger deductibles and copays could mean that families will be spending more of their household incomes on medical care. One survey found that 39% of employers planned to increase in-network deductibles for 2012 insurance plans to help curtail premium costs.

It's OK to hagle over heath care

Becoming a more informed consumer may help you reduce your medical bills. Here are some tips that could help you save money while pursuing better health.

  • Communicate to service providers that costs matter to you. Doctors may be more inclined to take your financial situation into account when making recommendations.
  • Ask about generic prescription options for recommended drug regimens.
  • Before scheduling potentially expensive diagnostic tests or health screenings, confirm that the service provider is in your insurance network and/or ask for a referral to one who is.
  • For elective procedures, take your time choosing a doctor and a facility because charges can vary widely. Ask for detailed estimates and try to negotiate a better price.
  • If you receive a bill that is higher than expected, don’t assume it is set in stone. Check hospital bills closely for errors, dispute charges that you feel your insurance should cover, and if all else fails offer to settle your account at a discount.

Sources: USA Today, October 7, 2011; Consumer Reports, October 2011

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