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Welcome to “Skills To Pay The Bills” and segment. Please welcome our co-host, Mr Freeman Owen, Jr, President and CEO of Financial Sources, Inc.

Tia: You said that women don’t always fully fund their retirement accounts. What do you mean by that?

Freeman: When I say that they don’t always fully fund their retirement accounts, what I mean is they don’t make the income that men earn. But, I have seen the statements of their nest egg dollars and contributions to various savings programs, or placing their monies into banks or credit unions, and in my opinion, they have more monies available to them than most men.

save moneyIf there is a widow, there is something that we call survivor benefits. Some ladies are the beneficiaries of large insurance programs. They get their insurance policies and they know these monies are all tax free, and they get a large sum, like $250,000 or half a million dollars which increases their net worth. With good counseling, they know how to manage this money. With a good solid background in education in retirement planning, those monies lasts their entire lifetime and go on to their children and children’s children. Seems like that have a lot of practice in money management as well. So, that’s the reason [women end up having more monies available to them].

life_guide_inheritanceI have a free resource to help you if you have inherited a sum of money. Keeping your inherited money safe over a long period is essential to being able to enjoy it as well as pass it onto your future heirs.

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