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Social Security Benefits

What happens if we run out of money? What about inflation?

Inflation has been around 2.85% over the last 30 years. And, those inflation numbers decrease your buying potential.
Unexpected events derail your plan for retirement. The recession took a toll of people saving for retirement.
When we do a retirement strategy plan to couples, we put a lot of emphasis on having a retirement emergency fund. It saves you from having to dip into your retirement nest egg dollars. The same economic issue you experience when you’re working will happen when you’re retired. So, you must have a liquid account for emergencies.

What about the insecurity of social security in retirement?

Social security trust fund is going to be funded until 2033. It may continue to be funded by payroll taxes, but it will only cover about 72% of current social security costs evaluated today. So, you’ll have to make compensations based on a decreased income after 2033. Therefore, you cannot depend on social security or defined pension plans.

But I have some strategies for Social Security Benefits that will maximize the dollars you take home. Learn more about Social Security Benefits on my YouTube Channel.